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The best summer half-day camps in Warsaw

We have been organizing summer semi-colonies for many years. So we know how to make the little guy have a great time. We arranged and balanced the program, like a meal, to include both physical activities and developing manual skills. All, on the other hand, socialize and teach your child to function in a group. Thus, through play we teach the skills necessary for the proper development of the child.
During the vacations, we will provide your child with valuable activities, whether sports, art or cooking. They form the most interesting and varied offer of semi-colonies in Warsaw.

We invite children to the best summer half-camp in Warsaw! We have prepared an extremely rich program of sports, culinary and art activities. And as usual - great fun is guaranteed.

Children are bored not only when it rains. Also in the summer, in full sun, when there is no school, and all friends have gone on vacation. If for some reason your child has been left in Warsaw, does not have to waste time in front of the TV. Provide him with a good dose of adrenaline, fun and movement under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Summer semi-colon in the largest playroom in Warsaw is not only an effective way to get your child away from the computer and provide them with great fun. At a time when the institution of the backyard is slowly ceasing to exist, more and more children are spending their free time alone at home, summer half-day camps provide an invaluable opportunity for the youngest to socialize by spending time in a group of peers.

Trust us. Instructors and animators from Digiloo Fun Park will keep children entertained and cared for for 5 days throughout the vacations, during the best summer semi-college in Warsaw!

Advantages of half-term holiday camps in Warsaw

Summer semi-colon at Digiloo Funpark combine elements of leisure and education. To a great way for children to spend their vacations, with many educational, social and emotional benefits.
Under the guidance of our instructors and animators, your child will spend the vacations in an interesting and active way. We will provide him not only holiday adventure, but also stimulate the development of many qualities and skills in him.
Sports activities, art or culinary, support the all-round development of interests and passions passions of the child. During excursions and activities, the child will visit new places, meet new people, and develop their interests.
During summer semi-college The child is among peers, which allows him to develop his social skills. When, if not during play, will your child learn the principles of group cooperation, communication and problem solving!
Program of activities summer semi-college We balanced in such proportions as to provide the child with both the necessary dose of exercise and education. In addition to sports activities participants semicolon will see what work looks like at Radio Color, learn to cook, or create works of art during art classes.
By entrusting your child to us, you give yourself a chance to take a breather and enjoy priceless holy peace of mind. Because although you love your child above life, it is pleasant to spend time with each other sometimes. Especially if you know your child is in good hands!

See what the kids are doing during our semi-colonies

Half-term program at Funpark Digiloo playroom

Sign your child up now for an amazing holiday half-camp, the best in Warsaw.

Above all, have fun!

Digiloo playroom is the largest one in Warsaw. Be ready fo exciting attractions and fantastic fun!

Laser Paintball

Playing laser paintball in the Blast Arena (age of children - from 8 years);

Activities on the climbing wall

Climbing is a natural human activity. Don't believe it? Just look at the kids - first the furniture, then the trees, then a visit to the rope park....

Learning to play tennis

If you're looking for a way for your child to have an active lifestyle and develop their athletic skills, come learn tennis! Tennis is great fun for children of all ages to improve coordination, increase fitness and learn strategy and tactics.

Pool activities

We invite all children to participate in amazing pool activities during the summer half term! Reserve your seats in our classes today to ensure your child has amazing holiday adventures!

Workshops to develop children’s creative passions

During the summer semi-colony, we offer children many interesting and interactive workshops to help them develop their creative passions. During these workshops, children participate in various activities that stimulate their imagination and develop their manual skills.

Culinary workshops

During the class, participants will have the opportunity to explore a variety of tastes, smells and textures of food products and learn how to compose dishes and how to add variety to their taste and appearance.

Rope Park

The Rope Park route is divided into 11 sections of varying difficulty. The ropes are suspended from wooden poles and from trees. Obstacles installed on the routes are adjusted to the child's height. Thus, it is an intimate attraction not only for larger children, but also for small children.

Do you already envy your child spent with us super semi-colony summer semi-colonies?

Summer sports semi-college price list

Children aged XXXX are cordially invited to our summer semi-camp. We have prepared two options for participation in classes.

Variant A

Classes are held Monday through Friday from 07:00 – 15:00
Included in the price: classes, second breakfast and lunch.

1 day

230 zł

5 days

PLN 1,050

10 days

PLN 1,800

Option B

Classes are held Monday through Friday from 07:00 – 18:00
Included in the price: classes, second breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

1 day

250 zł

5 days

PLN 1,150

10 days

PLN 2,000

Make your child happy and book a mijesce at the summer half-camp at Fun Park Digiloo!


By phone (from 10 am to 6 pm) tel. 508800029 in person at the Funpark reception desk or by email at [email protected]