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Regulations of the DIGILOO Playroom

  1. These Regulations set out the rights and obligations of persons using the Fun Park Digiloo Playground.
  2. The Fun Park Digiloo Playground (hereinafter: “Playground”) is managed by DB&M Investments Sp. z o.o. KRS 0000413586, NIP: 5213628618 (hereinafter: “Manager”).
  3. Each user spending time at the Playground is required to read the following Regulations (hereinafter: “Regulations”) and the applicable Price List before entering the Playground.
  4. There is a fee for the use of the Playground. Payment rules for the use of the Playground are described in the current price list of the Playground.
  5. Each user of the Playground is required to have an electronic chip bracelet, borrowed by the Playground staff, and to wear it at all times while in the Playground until leaving it. The electronic chip bracelet is refundable.
  6. The playground is designed primarily for children aged 1-12. All persons over 13 years of age are required to take this into account and exercise extreme caution throughout the Digiloo facility, not to cause hazards and prevent dangerous behavior for children.
  7. Parents and guardians of children using the Playground are not charged an entrance fee.
  8. Persons under 13 years of age may be in the Playground only under the supervision of adults. Parents and guardians of children, are required to supervise them throughout their stay at the Digiloo facility.
  9. Upon prior notification (at least 1 day before the visit), the Playground staff provides childcare. The cost of such a service is 25 PLN/person. per hour.
  10. Replacement shoes or pads are mandatory in the Playground.
  11. Users of the Playground are obliged to maintain cleanliness and order.
  12. It is forbidden to take out of the Playground: toys, equipment and any structural elements.
  13. For organized groups, there must be at least one adult chaperone for every ten children started.
  14. In the case of an organized group, only children over the age of 4 are allowed to enter the Playground. The organizer of the group must provide an adequate number of chaperones, meeting the minimum requirements of the Manager, as specified above.
  15. In the area of the Playground is obligatory:
    • ban on bringing in any dangerous objects
    • Prohibition of alcohol and intoxicants and the presence of persons after the consumption of such substances
    • ban on chewing gum
    • no smoking
    • ban on introducing animals
  16. All aggressive behavior is forbidden in the playground, i.e.: pushing, climbing uphill slides, destroying equipment and toys.
  17. Any items that may pose a potential danger (watches, jewelry, chains, rings, bracelets, earrings, cell phones, clothing with long strings or ribbons) should be handed over to the caregiver before the child enters the Playground.
  18. Outerwear should be left in the locker room.
  19. Guests, if they so desire, can be given access to one of sixteen lockable lockers. The key to the locker can be obtained at the reception of Fun Park Digiloo. Key issued upon presentation of ID.
  20. It is forbidden to bring food and drinks into the Playground. Consumption of food and beverages is possible only on the premises of the Restaurant.
  21. Guests are obliged to inform the Service in case of any mishap, accident or any other event or behavior that creates danger on the Playground.
  22. The operator of the Playground informs that for security reasons the Playground is covered by visual monitoring. DB&M Investments Sp. z o.o. ul. Merliniego 2, 02-511 Warsaw is the administrator of personal data of persons using the Playground collected and processed in connection with the monitoring. Everyone has the right to access and correct the content of their data. Provision of data is voluntary.
  23. Consent for the free use of the child’s image is granted on the basis of a separate declaration of intent signed by the child’s parent/legal guardian.
  24. The basis for filing a claim is proof of payment for Playground services.

Have fun at Digiloo playroom!