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Birthday Party

How different is a child's joy at reaching the top of a climbing wall from reaching Mount Everest by the adult? The satisfaction of walking a tightrope over a Colorado canyon is nothing compared to the kid pride after completing the route of our rope park. A child's birthday is an extraordinary day. During a party we will launch your child and his guests into another dimension of adventure. Thanks to us, the little birthday girl or boy would have un unforgettable experience. And this is because in our birthday party offer you will find many unusual activities like workshops, animations and simply great fun under the guidance of experienced instructors and animators. Without exaggeration, we call ourselves experts in the organization of birthday parties. We will organize an unforgettable birthday party for your child!

Birthday party scenario

At the start of the party, children gather in one of the six themed birthday party rooms. In the private party room there is a long table with delicacies included in the selected birthday package.
Kids are entertained under the supervision of an experienced birthday party coordinator, so you can invite their parents to an adult party at our restaurant. Meanwhile, children take part in animation, games, workshops and other activities (additional fees apply). Bowls of snacks and drinks are refilled on a regular basis during the party.
Lot of fun gives un extremely popular piñata game in Latin countries. The little birthday boy or girl has to hit the candy-filled figurine with a stick. Little birthday party guests have a great time signing the Dino T-shirt.
Birthday party at private party room lasts about 2.5 hours, but this doesn’t mean the end of the celebration.
After the official part of the birthday party participants are invited to the largest playroom in Warsaw, where great fun awaits them with no time limit. This is how birthday party looks like at Digiloo Fun Park playroom. Without any exaggeration we may say that we organize the best birthday parties in town!
Additional activities must be booked one week in advance.
Only in the Digiloo Fun Park playroom the Birthday party lasts until the last guest.
Półkolonie letnie warszawa
Półkolonie letnie warszawa

Birthday Rooms

Birthday Rooms

Birthday Rooms

Birthday Rooms

Birthday Rooms

Birthday Rooms

Birthday Rooms

Birthday Rooms

Birthday Rooms

Birthday Rooms



Birthday Price List

Choose a birthday party package tailored to your child’s character. We offer five basic options ranging from £80 to £105 per person. Each of them can be modified. For an additional fee, you can add more birthday party options.

For the events held from Monday to Thursday, you don’t pay an additional fee for her presence. The birthday party is supervised by a birthday party coordinator. For birthday parties held from Friday to Sunday, you will have to pay a surcharge of PLN 150 for her presence. For additional activities we provide an animator or instructor to organize the children’s time.

Birthday Package - Standard

Birthday party room | Entrance to the playroom | Prazhina 3 kinds, popcorn, marshmallows, cookies, Drinks - juices and water | Paper tableware.

PLN 85/person

Birthday Party Package - Healthy

Birthday party room | Entrance to the playroom | Prazhina 3 kinds, popcorn, marshmallows, oatmeal cookies, fruits, vegetables, drinks - juices and water | Paper tableware.

95 zł/person

Birthday Package - On Sweet

Birthday party room | Entrance to the playroom | 3 kinds of popcorn, marshmallows, cookies, beverages - juice and water, waffles or pancakes | Paper tableware.

95 zł/person

Birthday Package - Dino Nuggets

Birthday party room | Entrance to the party room | Prazhki 3 kinds, popcorn, marshmallows, cookies | drinks - juices and water | nuggets and French fries, Cake - free | Paper tableware.

PLN 100/person

Birthday Package - Dino Pizza

Birthday party room | Entrance to the party room | Pra¿nki 3 kinds, popcorn, marshmallows, cookies | Drinks - juices and water | Pizza - 2 pieces per person | Cake - free | Paper tableware.

110 zł/person

Birthday Party Menu

We are very flexible when it comes to food. Each birthday party package includes drinks, snacks and a main course, but you can expand it with additional options, such as non-alcoholic champagne or a chocolate fountain. Find a detailed list of available treats here. All this to the little birthday girl or boyfelt that this day to be special.

When you choose DinoNuggets and DinoPizza birthday party packages, you get a birthday cake for free. If you chose one of the other packages, you have to pay extra for the birthday cake you can pick from our list or you bring your own. The price of a standard or meringue birthday cake is 200 zloty. The approximate cost of a themed cake with your favorite hero is PLN 280 – PLN 500.
You have to make the reservation at least one week in advance.
During birthday partycoordinators refill bowls snacks and drinks on a regular basis, so that at no time the table runs out.


Birthday cream cake with fruits, dedication on the cake (as requested) – PLN 180.

Meringue birthday cake

Meringue birthday cake decorated with fruits – PLN 180.


Birthday cake with a favorite cartoon character or with a colorful attribute related to the child hobby – from PLN 280.

The best birthday cakes!

Tasty, Healthy and Beautiful

All birthday cakes are made according to your individual request. Check out our sample compositions. Call and discuss your order details!
We also offer lactose-free and vegan cakes. Flavors: chocolate, cream, strawberry, raspberry, vanilla, oreo, caramel.

Artistic Digiloo cakes you won't see anywhere!

Did we mention that our birthday menu is very flexible?


Colorful jelly cubes served in a goblet.

PLN 8/dollar


Jelly beans of different flavors (teddy bears, coca-cola, etc.) served in a bowl.

20 zloty/bowl

Alcohol-free champagne

Flavors: peach, tropical, strawberry.

PLN 30/0.7 l bottle

Fruit plate

Banana, kiwi, grapes, oranges, seasonal fruits.

PLN 50/plate

Cotton candy

A cotton candy stand for all children attending the birthday party.

330 zł

Chocolate fountain

Multi-level fountain with liquid chocolate, fruits and a set of sticks. Children stuff the fruits with the sticks and dip them in chocolate.

PLN 350

Additional animations and activities

In addition to the largest playroom in Warsaw, the Digiloo Fun Park also features a climbing wall, a Blast Arena with laser tag and a rope course (open from spring to fall). You can extend your birthday party package with additional activities. The most popular among both younger and older children are the animations that take place in the birthday room – glitter tattoos, face painting or braids. Their price is PLN 15 per person – when you order one, while for two animations you will pay PLN 25 per person. At your request, we will also organize a variety of birthday party workshops.

For younger children, we offer Lego Simple Machinesworkshop. Participants assemble gears and blocks into fancy machines with baked faces. This workshop introduces children to the world of science, robotics, techniques. Child can not take home its construction.

Lego WeDo Education workshop is an activity for older children, ages 6-9. During the 45 minutes, children build robots and other costructions that, when connected to a computer, move, make sounds, drive or avoid obstacles. Both birthday party attractions are available from Thursday to Sunday.

We also have a special offer for girls, which stylishly fits into the birthday decoration of the Princesses private party room. The jewelry workshop will bring a lot of joy to all the princesses and unleash their creative imagination.

All animations, activities and workshops must be booked at least one week in advance.