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What game raises your adrenaline level to 12 on a scale of up to 10?

Laser Paintball!

The walls shimmer with fluorescent colors. You get lost in the maze of paths, squeezing the laser tag in your hands. You seek an eye contact with other team members. You must complete the task and survive. It is impossible to say which is more difficult – to complete missions or not to die. This is how a laser tag game looks like in the Blast Arena at the Digiloo FunPark in Warsaw.

Laser tag

Paintball vs Laser Paintaball

Both rules and the game zone are practically the same. Players are divided into two teams. They choose one of two scenarios. We offer all-against-all or team-against-team games. The play zone can be an outdoor space or indoors. In a classic paintball, players shoot paint-filled balls from paintball markers. These devices fire up to several dozen balls per minute. The players go crazy on the playing field wearing special suits to protect their clothes, masks to protect their faces with polycarbonate glass to prevent evaporation. After the game, players’ bodies are usually covered with bruises caused by the impacts of paintballs. Therefore, the game of standard paintball is not recommended for younger children, even though there is variation with smaller caliber balls. On the contrary Laser Tag in the Blast Arena at the Digiloo Fun Park is almost painless 🙂

Laser tag for kids

Exciting and safe paintball for kids

Laser tag is a softer version of standard paintball. During the game, players shoot beams of light at each other from so-called laser tags. In the regular paintbal player shot paintballs from paintball markers. There is no physical interaction between players on the playing field during the game so there is no need to worry about bruising after being hit.

In order to win, children must score the highest number of points by hitting opponents and avoiding hits. Hits are counted by sensors on the vests and armbands they wear.

The game is painless, but no less exciting. That’s why kids love to play laser tag on the game field at the Blast Arena at the Digiloo Fun Park.

Laser Paintball – Game Scenarios

Paintball is a team game. Players are divided into two teams – red and blue – which must perform specific tasks such as trying to hit the oponent team members or all the players.

Elimination of players from the opposing team. During birthday parties, we offer two scenarios for the standard game: all-against-all or team-against-team. Different difficulty levels can also be set, allowing the game to be adjusted to the age and skills of players.

Safe Laser Tag

Remember that although Laser Tag is painless, it requires caution and following the safety rules. Children should wear protective eyewear and laser tags should not be aimed at the eyes or face. That’s why before the game we always show children how to use the equipment and teach them the basic rules – what they’re allowed to do and what is forbidden on a battle field.

Laser Paintaball (Laser Tag)

Extremely good fun!

Laser tag allows children to burst out the inner energy and forces physical activity.

Playing Laser Tag is a great fun. It also provides a good dose of adrenaline for the people of all ages. At the same time, it develops strategic and social skills that become important in adult life. And this is because it is an extreme team game

The winner is the team whose members are capable of working together and developing game tactics. So, as you can see, it’s not about the ability to shoot but the ability to work together in a group.