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Don’t look down!

Even with a full belay, crossing a rope park suspended 5 meters above the ground is no mean feat!

Are you ready to go through a rope park suspended 5 meters above the ground? Well then, fasten your seat belts! At the digiloo rope park in Warsaw, overcoming high rope obstacles is no longer a difficult challenge.

Thanks to the prepared belay equipment, you only need courage to conquer the rope park! Even if there are rock-solid obstacles along the way, this journey will be an unforgettable adventure worth experiencing. Don’t be afraid!!! The rope park does not require any superhuman abilities – just a little faith in children’s abilities! So come to the rope park Warsaw and see for yourself that your kid can emerge victorious from this challenge!

Benefits of play

in the rope park

During the passage of the rope park, the child first of all learns to overcome his own fear. In doing so, he gains an invaluable skill that will translate into his future life. This is just the first of the benefits of taking the rope park route. Here are the most important ones:

Support motor development and confidence in children!

Navigating the rope park’s trails can be a difficult process for children, as they have to face their fears and navigate at a height of 5 meters! This mental challenge not only requires courage, but also aids motor development, helps boost self-confidence and develops the ability to deal with any obstacles that may arise in the future. So gather up those little ninjas and join the rope wars in Warsaw!

Communing with nature

Our rope park is located outdoors, in a fenced area among the trees behind the Digiloo Fun Park building. Being in this secluded place has a positive effect on one’s mood. Being in nature develops sensitivities to nature and breeds a bond with nature.

As you can see, the advantage of a rope park is not only to improve physical health, but also mental health, as well as to improve interpersonal skills and sensitivity to nature.

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The route in our rope park

The Rope Park route is divided into 11 sections of varying difficulty. The ropes are suspended from wooden poles and from trees. Obstacles installed on the routes are adjusted to the child’s height. Thus, it is an intimate attraction not only for larger children, but also for small children. Note, however, that in our rope park there is a strictly observed height criterion. Young children can use our attraction provided they are over 110 cm tall.

Before a child is allowed to take the route at the Digiloo rope park in Warsaw, he or she must undergo training on the training track, where he or she will learn safety rules and how to overcome obstacles. After the training, the child will not be left alone. This is because the crossing of the rope park route takes place under the watchful eye of qualified instructors.

The time it will take to complete the route depends on the child’s fitness and age. It is usually about 20 minutes. If your child gets tired, he can take a shortcut with the connector. However, such a situation is extremely rare, because the little guests are having too much fun to think about getting tired.

Basic rules of using Digiloo rope park in Warsaw

  • There is a height limit for children in our rope park in Warsaw. We do not allow children under 110 cm tall on the trails.
  • A height limit applies, but we do not limit the upper age limit of our users. Both adults and children are allowed into our rope park, but then we require written permission from their parent or guardian’s custodian.
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited in the rope park.
  • Rope park walks can be carried out only by people with belaying equipment worn by the instructor.
  • Belaying equipment includes a harness, a belaying lanyard with carabiners, a pulley with carabiner and lanyard, and a helmet.
  • Remove or secure your glasses before entering the rope park. Long hair should be tied up so that it does not get caught in blocks or other elements of the park.
  • When traversing the next attractions of the Rope Park, you should behave calmly. Do not jump or swing on elements not designed for this purpose.
  • Only 1 person can be on a single obstacle, a maximum of 2 people can be on a platform

Remember – by purchasing a ticket you agree with the terms of our regulations, so be sure to read them!

Get ready for an adventure and confidence boost!

Price list of the rope park


2 passages 20 PLN per person.

For groups of more than 10 people, admission by reservation only

Child height limit – 110 cm

Opening hours of the rope park

Monday – Friday 10.00 am – 6.00 pm


In case of rain (>2 mm), strong wind, or storm danger, the rope park does not work.

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Feel like having more fun? Then we have a surprise for you !

If your child still hasn't had enough, welcome to the Digiloo playroom. With a rope park ticket, you are entitled to a 20% discount on an hour's entry to the playroom!</p>
<p>Looking for a rope park for big and small kids in Warsaw? Come to us and spend an unforgettable time